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Welcome to Stew! My name is Brad Nehring, and I am a resident of Seattle. I enjoy exploring the corners of the world, cooking with my beautiful girlfriend  and marveling at the artistic endeavors of all those around me (while trying my hand at a few myself). My previous employers include the US Forest Service, Amazon.com, the Peace Corps and Domino’s Pizza. I currently work as a freelance writer, supplemented by a gig as Associate Editor for Seattleite magazine.

My goal with Stew! is to publish editorials that not only address current world events, but also reflect my personal experiences, opinions and philosophies.  If time allows, I’ll review the occasional book, film or musical recording as well. I wholeheartedly encourage debate, discourse and other forms of enlightened conversation; I also frown upon mean-spirited commentary. If we can’t all be right, we can certainly be civil and fair-minded.

I wish you all peace, fertility, fruition and understanding.

Brad N

  1. Mikey Weil says:

    Hello there! My name is Mikey Weil and I am a senior at Endicott College. I am a film student and for our thesis projects we make documentaries. Mine is about the struggles gay people must go through. It shows two openly-gay men and talks about the moment they realized they were gay until the present. In the beginning I’m using a slide show and would like to use the picture on your blog of the man holding the sign that reads just another straight guy for gay rights. Would that be okay? You would of course get credit in the film as well. Thanks.


    • Brad Nehring says:

      Hi Mikey,

      That sounds like a very interesting film! Good luck with your pursuits. I should tell you, though, that the pictures I use on this blog are not mine, but rather obtained using a site called ‘Creative Commons,’ which features pictures that may be reused on other, not-for-profit sites (such as mine). I can’t remember the exact terms I used when I used the CC search engine in order to find that picture, but something along the lines of “straight people supporting gay rights,” or something like that. I hope this helps! Best of luck with your film!

      Brad N

  2. Pete Gorton says:

    Brad, thanks for writing the Donaldson piece it’s great!
    I know that you are busy and you wrote about him several weeks ago, but I wanted to follow up with you on a couple of things…and perhaps provide you a couple of great new photos that have recently surfaced.
    Send me an email if you are interested.

  3. coro says:

    FYI, used your picture bc it’s perfect… http://corinemichel.tumblr.com/

  4. Kate (Cowan) Walsh says:

    Brad – your piece on your dad was moving. It reminded me of all those important moments with my own father and what an amazing man he is! I (and you as well) might be biased, but growing up in the NPS certainly was a huge contributor me who I am today! I followed up reading your piece on desomorphine, it make me sad (and yet fortunate) to think that people were not given the same loving up brining as us. We were so lucky to be taught to constructively entertain ourselves in a less urbanized environment, allowing us to appreciate the wilderness, nature and our own inner being. My father’s active role in law enforcement most definitely pave a path for understanding of right and wrong and consequences.
    I check in from time to time to see what is new on your blog.
    Good to see you are doing well. Much love – Kate

    • Brad Nehring says:

      Thanks for reading, Kate! I agree that growing up where we did (and when we did) has had a major impact on my world view as an adult. The law enforcement influence definitely contributed as well. I saw your family last spring, and your mom mentioned that you’re a vet now? That’s awesome! Keep fighting the good fight!

  5. Jonathan Marvin says:

    Hi, Brad. I have a question for you. Really, it is about your father.

    There is a story going around the Jewish community on the internet that involves your father, and you somewhat. I was wondering whether whether you could please verify for me whether or not it is true. In particular, is the part about your father’s dream exactly accurate?

    I read the nice entry your wrote about your father’s retirement, which is how I found you.


    Please email me directly if possible. Thanks!

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